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Brittany Anas, freelance writer


Annie Brokaw, information architect and user experience designer 

University of Colorado in Boulder


Reba Sparrow, Northwest ambassador

Think Humanity


Cathie Mahen, author

"The Ruby Stones"

Aimee mug 2018.jpg


"The questions that you have asked me over the last three months have inspired me to look deeper, to feel harder and to see words as a whole new world of expression. I have always loved to write but dreaded the editing part. Now I find that in the editing lies another side to creation. So thank you, I now read things that I have written without wincing!"

- Tabitha Farrar,

author of "Anorexia Speaks" 

"I love it! It is mine, but better and tied up with a pretty little bow!" 

- Ava Roxanne Stritt,

on Aimee Heckel's editing

"Sincerest thanks to you, Aimee, for the beautiful article you wrote. It is so thoughtful and true to the point. I am incredibly happy and proud to see it. You did a fantastic job representing the troupe." 

- Jenna Noah,

on Aimee Heckel's reporting


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