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What readers say


I laughed so hard reading Aimee Heckel’s list of  “un-Boulder” things to do in last week’s Friday magazine, I had to set down my latte.

- Spencer N.


I realized last week that you might be isolated from your adoring fans. I worked the UCAR Health Fair last week and everyone continued to say how much they love your articles. I am not kidding, these people are nerdy scientists and they follow every article you ever write. They love what you do. I am getting that from everyone that has read this article. Your popularity is amazing in this community. I am a little bit surprised, but you are deserving of the attention. Men and women read all of your articles, including the fashion articles. I don't think you realize how loved you are in this community. Keep up the good work. By the way, I am and have been for years a "Heckel fan."

- Moe S.


You are a rock star!!! What a beautiful, fun, inspiring, wonderful article. You are a wild lioness of writing.... I am blown away - you created a piece of art. I so appreciate your attention to the really important things in Boulder ;)

- Avani D.


Really really good writing!! I do enjoy reading your materials. You have indeed found your calling. LOVE your humor and sort of sideways smiles in your writing.

- Victoria R.


I have a friend in Boulder who saves the Friday inserts for me so I can read the beer articles. I really don't give a rat's about anything else honestly, but I've come to enjoy your columns, or at least the beginnings when you lead up to the actual article's subject. In other words, I'm not apt to be going to shop at the latest second hand store that some gal just opened or buy some cute earrings here or there, but your stories are a hoot. I've even mailed some to a friend of mine in California.

- Rob


I really appreciated the effort you put into balancing today's feature on Sound Health/Vibration therapy. It is important for the Camera's credibility to continue cite medical/scientific authorities and published studies, not just anecdotal stories from providers of alternative care therapies, to avoid the appearance of promoting therapies that are unproven.

- Mary K. 



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