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What subjects of my stories say 


Aimee Heckel you are famous!!

Since your article came out on Sunday about our store our sales have exploded!! EVERYONE that comes in says how much they loved your article and they were so excited to find out about us.  It's amazing how many people you reach with the paper... we had no idea how much of an impact this would make.  A lot of the customers have commented on how funny the article was and that they love everything you write:) So yes, you are a local favorite and we are so honored that you wrote about our store!

- Amy H.


You wrote a piece on me more than two years ago. I just want you to know that I have that article linked on my website. I STILL get comments about it from around the world. I wanted you to know your intelligent writing made the process more enjoyable than any other media interview in my professional experience. I think you are tremendously gifted and fiercely soulful.

- Donna M.


What a beautiful article!!!!! You captured the essence of what I was TRYING to say -- I'm not a good verbal communicator -- just a visual communicator -- but my goodness, you are a very talented young lady -- you really got it. I am so overwhelmed with the online video!!!!! I don't even know how to express my deep, deep gratitude..........I could just cry!

- Kate R.


I wanted to tell you that absolutely everyone who contacted me about the article commented on how beautifully written it was! And my close friends all said how you really captured my essence. I sent a copy of it to David Abram, the author of The Spell of the Sensuous -- he also enjoyed it very much. And, Steven Harrison, a well known local author, also commented on how well written it was.

- Kate


You rock. That is a great article. It is fun, light and I love the personal side to it. Wow, you are good. ... You listened and transposed the information incredibly well. I have had about 25 phone calls today. You just busted my business wide open. Red carpet for you, my dear!

- Marcia S.


I wanted to follow up with you and thank you for the article you wrote about our company. We definitely enjoyed the article, and we saw an increase in our website traffic from Colorado for a few weeks. I wanted to keep communication going further, maybe someday in the future we can work together again.

- Joseph M.


Whoa, honestly.... you are a fabulous writer and a very entertaining (video) editor/writer/star! the piece and the video are super funny, fun, and informative. you so beautifully incorporated the book, the gig, and the nitty gritty about the job. i will definitely be using this as i pitch my book to agents.

- Jennifer B.


Thank you so very much for the wonderful article, and video. I have gotten many compliments on its content. As one friend wrote: "I was happy to see you got some excellent points across about our art and the underlying principles and psychology. Your emphasis on originality came through loud and clear."

- Brent W.


The beautifully expressed article on Sole Control is todays paper was great. I struggle with communicating what this class really is. Now, I'm just going to hand them your article.

- Dana B.


I really appreciate your work on the article for my business. I think it turned out great and really expressed the focus of my work. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the work you do. You do a huge service in helping us small business owners. 

- Annette B.


Thank you for your beautiful article, Aimee! Reading it made me cry happy tears :). I'm so grateful for this exposure of my work to the community. It means the world to me.

- Lindsey B.


Thank you so much for writing your incredible article on October 14th about male sex abuse. I have heard from community members that your article had positive impact on them. MESA staff and I appreciate that you mentioned our event; many registrants say it was because of your article that they are coming. Thank you for your support and I hope we can work together in the future.

- Lora A. 


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